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Since its official release in 2003, for more than a decade WordPress has continued to serve as a power-house behind the blogging platform. Through its revolutionary activities based on one of its core objectives, the objective to serve as a Content Management System (CMS), it has played a key role if not yet achieved a breakthrough in the evolution of modern day social media activities. From previous consistent achievements, we are certain of benefiting even more from it as far as the vast field of internet communication is concerned.

To have survived for over a decade in the recent competitive market, full on new ideas trying to outdo their predecessors, it was and is still necessary for this platform to adapt to the changes of the status quo. With the world choking from the stench of uncontrolled increase in technological prosperity, some of which are applications designed to be a direct threat if not total replacement to it, WordPress has been able to make its presence known, not by mere survival but by notable improvements in its services. In January 2017, a team of security auditors at Securie tasked with the mandate to identify vulnerabilities in the system, realised a problem within the WordPress REST API that could permit unauthenticated user to alter any post or page in a running WordPress4.7 and above. The issue was quickly addressed leading to the release of WordPress Version 4.7.2, which solved the problem.

From the initial software version 0.7, the WordPress team have travelled along journey in the years and are now boasting of their latest software version 4.9 that goes by the codename TBA, expected to be released later this year, by around 14th November 2017.These improvements led to the birth of the current software version in the market, Version 4.8 with a code name Evans. This version came along with distinctions from its predecessor, key amongst them is the next generation editor. Other specific goals included the TinyMCE inline element /Link boundaries, the WordCamp/ meetup dashboard upgrade to the ‘news’ section, new media widgets, WYSIWYG intext widget . Finally is the end support for Internet Explorer Versions 8, 9 and 10.

WordPress Version 4.9 is expected house several improvements such as; code editing improvements, customization improvements, better theme switching, updating themes or plugins through ZIP file, media improvements like stop forcing unnecessary image cropping. Other than improving recently added features, it will enhance a user- centric way to customize a site.

To further achieve its objectives in the field of blogging, news websites and e-commerce projects, WordPress recently released new themes. Themes allow the users to manipulate the functionality and appearance of the website without changing its contents.The themes are Search Engine friendly, in pace with the modern trends on the web and meet the requirements of the users.

Just like any other business entity, WordPress will hopefully continue to battle against all the tides that come along with the taste of success. All that we can do as users, critics and competitors, is to continue playing our respective roles which in one way or the other have motivated them to their current level. With the co-founder Matt Mullenweg still visionary as ever, the WordPress foundation are hopeful for a fruitful future of WordPress in social, mobile and application platform. We are waiting for a reason to be in doubt.


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