Paid Streaming VS Free Streaming


Over the past few years, online film streaming has technologically advanced in terms of viewership and revenue generation. With more than 100 million users around the globe, the film industry is now experiencing its boom session more than ever before.

This extensive growth is as a direct result of both paid and free streaming sites. It is worth noting that today, there are over 100 sites on the internet that offer free movies online!

Let us break this down.

Free Streaming

Gone are the days when people used to buy DVDs and other hard disks in order to enjoy watching their favorite movies. With just a simple click today, sites such as putlocker2017 and Vidnow are now providing their fans with thousands of new and free movies online.

Sites such as are now receiving over 450+ new viewers daily. However, free streaming comes with its pros and cons. While it is possible to gain access to new and favorite movies for free, most of these sites are often characterized by comparatively low quality films and disturbing ads.

Paid Streaming

Despite the availability of free movies online, paid streaming sites such as Amazon and Netflix are also experiencing high numbers of subscribers daily. With $8 per month subscription fee, viewers can enjoy a wide range of movies on Hulu and other paid streaming sites.

Those who are great fans of online movies and films now enjoy a wide pool of sites to choose from. Contrary to what is experienced with free streaming, paid streaming offers relatively high quality movies. Subscribers on paid streaming sites also enjoy early access to an extensive array of new movies and listings as compared to the listings on free online movies.

The number of traffic on paid streaming sites versus free streaming sites remains an ambiguity in terms of determining the sites with the highest viewers. While one person would prefer watching his/her favorite movie on a paid streaming site that focuses on quality, another would rather enjoy the same viewership on a lower quality for free.

In conclusion, this is unarguably one of the highest ranking era in terms of online watching, whether free or paid. New subscribers are flooding the online streaming platform on a daily basis like never before. Free movies online are also however, in my view, denying the movie owners the opportunity to freely flourish in internet marketing. But you know what, it does not hurt that much to enjoy a free movie online movie without the need to subscribe to a given channel. Free self-rewarding is not all that destructive!

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